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- NDubro
Fire Magic Echelon Diamond Built-In Gourmet Griddle
Beautiful, Quality Product But Things We Wish We Had Known
This is a beautiful built in griddle with a large cooking surface that reaches high heat cook temperature quickly. Two things we do not love. The large lid is not hinged and must be completely removed and placed elsewhere before cooking and replaced after cooking but must wait until grill cools before replacing the lid. The cover, which must be purchased separately, is absolutely essential but they don’t tell you that until you call tech support about water in the grease tray. If the cover is not used, when it rains the water flows into the grease tray. If there is grease in the tray its a mess.
- Ron
Fire Magic Echelon Diamond Series E660 Cart Grill with Single Side Burner
Good Grill; Bad Electronics
We've had our grill for three grilling seasons. The grill is powerful, study, good looking. It's difficult to clean. But, the electronics are really bad. The fuse blows frequently with normal powering on of the master switch. The heat sensor probe rarely works. And, without warning and without even being plugged into any power, the thermostat console (dashboard-control panel) completely self-destructed by fissures on the screen rendering it unreadable and useless. I need to replace the power supply and the thermostat - around $900 in parts. No excuse. Very poor pairing of electronics with hardware! Finally, the accompanying cover is unsubstantial and tears easily even with great care taking it off and putting it back on. It, too, will need replacing soon.
- Wendell
Fire Magic Aurora A660 Built-In Grill (Optional Rotisserie)
I rate this unit as low as I have due to the fact that I had high expectations when comparing this unit to other competitive manufacturers…ie...Webber. The technology at first glance, seemed superior, but in the end has been extremely disappointing. The LED temperature gauge is useless. I have had warranty work performed on it yet it has never functioned properly. Another grill using a quality gauge is much more helpful. I have resorted to using a generic oven thermometer, that I place on the upper shelf to gauge the internal temp of the grill. The unit is very slow to light. The smell of gas is overwhelming, and very concerning, on most occasions prior to the grill actually lighting. If the internal flame shield are not constantly cleaned. The accumulated grease on them will ignite and burn the food being cooked. I have serious buyer’s remorse and should have stuck with familiar name….Weber. Grilling is what they do, AND they do it at a much better price.
- Ken
Fire Magic Aurora A660 Built-In Grill (Optional Rotisserie)
I expected a lot because I paid a lot. Luckily, it does deliver a lot in function and look. I just hope it lasts as long as they say they do and I guess the grill is expensive because of the nice lifetime warranty.
- Taylor
Fire Magic Echelon Flush 30" Electric Warming Drawer
Great Idea!
I wanted just a drawer for my outdoor kitchen I was building, but one of the sales reps with this site introduced me to the warming option. I've used it more than I would have thought.
- Jonathan York
Fire Magic Stainless Steel Flavor Grid Kits (all models)
Need more parts But I did get a phone call bacW which was nice and customer service was able to help out a bit.
- Brian
Fire Magic Refrigerator 4.4 cu.ft.
Bad door design
The door pull collects rain water. I think that water has seeped between the panel and the door carcase and is corroding from the inside as there is a nasty stain and corrosion spots in a long vertical streak about 75% of the door height.
- Tim
Fire Magic Echelon Diamond Series E790 Built-In Grill Grill with Rotisserie
Great Grill
This is a top of the line grill. It is very easy to light and cook with offering even temperatures and a large grilling surface. The light is really helpful when cooking at night. The grill is substantial and looks like it will last a long time. Very nice looking unit. We have several pieces of the Fire Magic and it is all great quality, heavy duty. Not cheap looking or feeling. I would recommend this or any other Fire Magic Grill to my buddies.
- Steve
Fire Magic Aurora A790 Built-In Grill with Rotisserie
My First Fire Magic Grill
I was not very familiar with the brand but had read a few nice things when I started to shop for a new grill. The price tag was a little higher then I liked but after installing it I could not be happier. It cooks great and looks like it will last forever.
Fire Magic Aurora A430 Analog Patio Post Mount Grill (Optional Rotisserie)
Upgrade my grill
What a big step up from my Broilmaster. Attached to a half inch gas connection and we were cooking in no time.
- Sally
Fire Magic Turkey Holder
Cool Toy
I bought this for my husband to use on the turkey this Thanksgiving. He soaked it in brine overnight with a combo of Worcestershire and soy sauce then cooking it for 4 hours. It was the best Turkey I have had in a long time. Look forward to using it again.
- Sammy
Fire Magic Refrigerator 4.4 cu.ft.
Nice little fridge.
Everything fits in there as I had hoped. Front finish matches my other Fire Magic door, drawers, and grills. Really helps to tie it all together nicely.
- Henry G.
Fire Magic Legacy Charcoal 30" Built-In Grill with Smoker/Oven Hood
Great Fit
We bought 6 of these for our commercial development and everyone loves them. This was one of the best additions that we made to our complex, and the quality is definitely built to last. Thank you!
- Jerry H.
Fire Magic Echelon Diamond Series E1060 Built-In Grill with Rotisserie
Total Perfection!
This grill is by far the most unbelievable piece of engineering I have ever cooked with. Too many features to list or even remember. If you want the best, this is absolutely it! - Copyright © 2024 All Rights Reserved