Top 10 Fire Magic Safety Tips

Our company doesn't just want to sell you an amazing grill, but we also want to keep you safe. Here is a list of the top 10 safety guidelines you should follow each time you use your grill.

1. Fire

When dealing with your grill you always need to remember to use common sense and be prepared. Fire is a dangerous element and should be treated as so. Most house fires, injuries and serious accidents could have been prevented or lessened if prepared. We always recommend having a fire extinguisher nearby on the deck or patio.

2. Location of Your Grill

Almost every house fire could have been prevented if the installation of the grill was abiding by the manual requirements. Make sure that you do not place your grill in any location near trees, hallways or tight spaces where people often pass by. Always follow your instruction manual and the clearances listed inside.

3. Installation and Instruction Manual

Every grill is different in the way they are installed and operated. Become familiar with your grill and its limitations and requirements. Please read the manual from front to back to ensure that you are grilling with safety first. All the installation manuals can be found on our website on each product page.

4. Food Safety

Bacteria lives and multiplies in temperatures ranging from 32 F to 165 F. To keep your family and friends safe, make sure that you always keep raw food cool, covered, washed and wrapped until time to cook. Once your food has been cooked remember to keep it covered, wrapped and cool to protect the leftovers. Keep your preparation surfaces cleaned with disinfectants to keep your foods free from unwanted bacteria.

5. Gas Safety

It is always important to inspect your grill each time you plan on grilling. Most of the times gas fires occur, it is because of something obstructing the fuel path. Bugs and other critters can climb into little places causing gas to flow where it shouldn't. At the first sign of problems turn off your control values, turn off the fuel tank, and disconnect everything.

6. Charcoal Safety

Charcoal can be more dangerous than gas because of lighter fluid. If using lighter fluid, always use a minimal amount and use a long stick match to light the coals. There are new ways to light charcoal without lighter fluid, so try some out.

7. Grease

Grease can pool on the bottom of your grill very easily and cause fires that are not easily put out. Always keep your grill clean after each use. Proper cleaning and maintenance will not only keep you safe from preventable disasters, but it will also extend the life of your grill. Be sure to clean everything, as grease can be found in smokers and side burners also.

8. Alcohol

While most meats just taste better with a drink, remember to wait until the fire is finished to start drinking. There are many things that could go wrong and only a clear head will be best suitable to deal with them.

9. Smoke

Smoke is always going to be present when grilling or smoking. While smoke makes your grilling seem better it can also be harmful as it contains Carbon Monoxide and other dangerous substances. Make sure you keep a safe distance from the smoke to keep yourself and your family safe.

10. Common Sense

Ultimately, we recommend using common sense every time you decide to grill. If it doesn't seem right to do, then don't do it. Common sense is the only way to really have a great grilling experience.

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