Fire Magic Echelon Standalone Power Supply

Do I need a power supply for my Fire Magic Echelon Diamond side burner?

Fire Magic Echelon Diamond Series Side Burners will come with wiring up to 6' to connect your burner to your main Echelon grill. Echelon side burners do require the Standalone Power Supply to operate if any of the following two scenarios are present:

•The Echelon side burner is installed as a standalone unit or without an Echelon grill.

•The Echelon side burner is installed over 6' from an Echelon grill.

To purchase a Fire Magic Echelon Diamond Standalone Power Supply simply click on the link below.

Fire Magic Echelon Diamond Series Power Supply
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What about the Non-Echelon Side Burners?

The Non-Echelon Diamond side burners do not require the addition of the power supply as they run off of a 9V battery and do not connect to your main grill.

Here is a link to all our great side burners to choose from.

Fire Magic Side Burners

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